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Let's Talk Foot Pain...

Updated: Mar 12

Why Are My Feet Numb, Tingly, and Painful? Peripheral neuropathy is the most common reason for numb, tingly and painful feet. 

Peripheral neuropathy can be caused by injured, damaged or irritated nerves outside to the brain and spinal cord.  This condition can result and pain and weakness in the feet or hands, usually accompanied by numbness and tingling. 

Causes include: 

  1. Diabetes – diabetic neuropathy is the most common cause.  Occurs when high blood sugar levels are associated with nerve irritation or damage. 

  2. Physical injury – nerve irritation or damage from an accident or event. 

  3. Viral infections – for example shingles can irritate nerves and cause peripheral pain. 

  4. Other causes – excessive alcohol and medications. 

What are the effects? 

Typical peripheral neuropathy comes with pain, numbness, tingling, and sometimes a burning sensation.  As you can imagine this makes walking difficult or impossible which decreases quality of life. 

What can be done? 

First of all, is an assessment to determine the location and cause. Then we do low intensity laser therapy to decrease the inflammation and irritation of the nerve.  In the case of the feet the nerves leave the spinal cord at the low back travel down the leg to the feet.  We don’t have to treat the entire nerve but we have found that if we treat the feet and the nerve roots at the low back that laser treatment can be very successful in reducing or eliminating the pain, burning sensation and numbness giving you back your quality of life. 

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms you should consult with your doctor first, especially if you are a diabetic.  Then you can give us a call and we will take care of getting you back to doing all the things you love. 

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