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Let's Talk...Low Back Pain and Sciatica

4 Mistakes that you may be making with sciatic or low back pain! 

Are you making these mistakes with your low back pain? 

As we discussed last time sciatica and low back pain are not synonymous.  Not all low back pain is sciatica, BUT the mistakes that you may be making with either of these are likely the same. 

The 4 Mistakes that you may be making with Low Back Pain are: 

  1. Overstretching – I know I am always telling you to stretch which is correct BUT there is a point where stretching without strengthening is in vain or you are stretching the wrong things.  Next week we will be discussing what stretching and strengthening is most appropriate for low back pain or the prevention of low back pain. 

  1. Heat vs Ice. – Those of you that know me know that I rarely recommend heat for pain.  The reason for this is that heat increases inflammation which will make the situation worse.  Ice is always best as it reduces the inflammation but still brings blood flow to the area.  I only recommend heat when there is no pain and you are just looking for increased stretch. 

  1. Not knowing the root cause – There are many reasons for low back pain from sciatica to degenerative disc disease to muscle strain to disc bulging.  It is important that you know the root cause so that your treatment and remedial exercise are appropriate for your condition.  When dealing with back pain I believe that it is very important that you get a proper assessment to determine the best course of treatment and rehab for you. 

  1. Not addressing core strength – We hear a lot about core strength but what does that really mean?  There are muscles that support the spine that tend to get weaker as we age or with the use of chairs for long periods including that beloved Lazyboy. It is important to strengthen these muscles even into your later years. 


Next week we will be discussing some exercises that you can do at home to help with low back pain. 


Have a great week and Live Well 


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