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Let's Talk Foot Pain...

Updated: Mar 12

3 Mistakes you may be making that are causing your feet to hurt!! 

1. Wearing worn out shoes or flip flops 

2. Rolling golf ball under the foot too much 

3. Not addressing it soon enough 

Foot pain can be caused by many things including nerve, soft tissue damage, disease and increasing age.  However there are several mistakes that you could be making that just make your feet hurt. 

  1. First and foremost is poor footwear, especially flip flops.  I realize that not too many of us are wearing flip flops this time of year, but I just have to mention them because they have no support and cause many cases of foot pain.  Also wearing shoes that are worn out.  If your shoes do not support your arch you are asking for foot pain.  Change your regular footwear before they start to cause pain. (Sorry guys your wives need more shoes 😉). It is also a good idea to get new orthotics before they wear out if you need orthotics.  How do you know if you need orthotics?  I’ll cover that one in another email. 

  1. The second mistake that you may be making is that you try to treat your foot pain yourself with golf balls, massage tools, and all kinds of crazy contraptions.  So, what’s the mistake?  Usually too much or not the right treatment.  For instance, if your foot is inflamed using a golf ball or massage tool can easily make it much worse.  

  1. The third mistake is not addressing the problem soon enough.  Most people wait until the pain is really bad before coming for treatment on their feet.  This makes treatment so much harder and take some much longer.  If you have been suffering with foot pain for more than 1 week, now is the time to seek help. 

As always if you are suffering with pain, we would love to help you.  Contact the office for your assessment today! 

Below is a video with Dyan talking about these mistakes!

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