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Let's Talk Neck Pain...

Why Does It Seem Like More People Have Neck Pain Recently?

Short answer – phones and computers.


Long answer – Our society has gone through a massive shift over the last half century with how we communicate, work, learn etc.  And with that came computers and phones.  We now spend the majority of our days sitting. If we work with computers that time increases exponentially.   

Neck pain is very commonly associated with sitting for long periods of time staring at a computer whether it be for work or pleasure.  Regardless of how good we are at sitting with a nice straight posture, or how ergonomically great our chair is, the sheer amount of time spent sitting with our neck in one position can cause pain. 

Add on to the computer time with phone time.  Particularly social media time with our head down in a fully flexed position, which is by the way, not a natural or comfortable head position.  A tremendous amount of load and tension is applied to the back of the neck and some very small muscles are trying to hold your head up in this position. 

So…… what do we do about it? 

  1. Get up and move.  Truly, take breaks every 20-30 minutes. Set an alarm if you have to.  Get up. Walk around.  Move your head around.  Do not pick up your phone! Do some breathing exercises. Serenity breathing is a great exercise. Click this link to view the video.

  1. Bring your phone up to be in front of your face not your face down to the phone.  A good rule of thumb is to tuck your elbows into your waist and hold the phone in front of you.

This week on my FB Live I will demonstrate some ways to decrease the tension and pain in the back of the neck from computer and phone use. 

Have a great week and Live Well.

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