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Let's Talk Foot Pain...

Updated: Mar 12

Let Me Tell You A Story About Foot Pain. I had a patient a couple of years ago come in complaining of pain and discomfort in his right foot.  The pain was most present in the mornings and a burning sensation throughout the day.  We talked about causes and discovered that he had flat feet and was playing a lot of pickle ball. 

The assessment revealed that he had plantar fasciitis in his right foot with a scar tissue lump or bone spur at the insertion point of the plantar fascia at the heel.  He also had a lot of swelling in his foot. 

He was in a lot of pain.  He reported pain level 8 and had been suffering for at least 8 weeks. 

We needed to help him get back to his healthy lifestyle and out of pain. 

We started him with laser therapy to decrease the inflammation.  After 8 treatments he reported feeling 60% better and his pain level was down to a 3 but he still had pinpoint pain in the heel when walking or playing pickleball.   

We then started on shockwave treatments to breakdown the scar tissue or bones spur that was at the insertion point.  He felt an immediate difference after the first treatment.  Three treatments later he was completely out of pain and back to doing all the things he loved including pickle ball.  We took him from pain to pain-relief to pain-free in just over a month. 

This is an example of what treatment can be like at Live Well.  It is our desire to get you back to doing all the things that you love to do without pain, discomfort or lack of mobility. 

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