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The iTENS is wearable tech meets digital health, at its finest. It is thin, lightweight and can be discreetly worn underneath your clothing with no wires to get in the way, and the device can be easily controlled from the convenience of an app on your smartphone. The iTENS is safe, drug-free, easy to use, and most importantly, an effective tool in managing your pain. Customize and save your settings, and use the app to chart your progress and develop routines that are perfect for your individual needs.

The technology works by sending tiny electrical signals to the body's nerve or muscle fibers through the skin. This suppresses pain by blocking the pain signals before they reach the brain. iTENS sends these gentle impulses through the wireless electrodes attached to the body at strategic positions, to help alleviate pain.

The Small Wings iTENS gives you the versatility needed for pain relief in those smaller areas and flexible parts. The smaller wings grip and move easily on your an

iTENS small - Wireless Electrotherapy

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